Bullies: Lean Assortment Map v2.1 MudRunner

Bullies: Lean Assortment Map v2.1 MudRunner

I greet you on the fourth episode from the series of cards “Bark beetles”.
Guys, there’s a deal! I took a plot and did not investigate it before buying. It turned out that this section had already been passed from hand to hand several times – timber carriers could not stand it and left these places, probably the spirit in them is not enough to overcome this intermontane depression, because all roads lead through a wetland in the lowlands among the slopes of the mountains. Roped routes are very many, talk about hidden paths, river crossings, serpentines and cliffs. Well, guys, help to develop the site, and I will not stay in debt!
Two days ago I sent the driver with garage parts to the garage, but he fell under a landslide and broke his legs! Woke up, got in touch and asked for help. He is close to the fuel station, the tractor is broken, his legs are broken, in general, the guy needs help. How to get there, repair the tractor, give first aid to the peasant and drive to the garage, then we’ll work in the forest! I know for sure that the plot is scant, so you will first have to scout the situation, and then drive the forest.

On the map:
– 1 Garage (closed)
– 1 Refueling
– 1 Timber Trader
– 4 Locator logs scavenge (Random billets)
– 5 Sawmill
– 17 Points of Intelligence
– 6 Random Cars
– 5 Auto on start (Replaceable)
The size of the map: 32×32 (1×1 km)

The completed version of the map “Intermountain Depression”, which was held in the finals of the contest “The best card of 2018”, now it is as originally intended!

Difference from the version from the competition:
+ Landslides are completed
+ Completed serpentines
+ Added islands
+ River crossings added
+ Changed transport on the map
+ Added random transport
+ Added exploration points
+ Changed the story of the opening of the garage
+ Fuel station position changed
+ Changed the start location
– Removed two sawmills
– One fuel station was removed

Write reviews whether they are bad or good, also do not forget – this is my 4th card!
Not knowing the problems, you’d better not do it!
Criticize justified. Have a good game!

# bark beetles, # the best Map2018

Version 2.1 (06/07/18) for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):

+ Added two slots at the start
+ Added truck with fuel tank
+ Added an alternative way to open a garage
+ The bush is removed from the road
+ Some fallen trees have been removed
+ Some stones removed
+ Foam added to the river
+ Minor improvements

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