C.C.M. Fred’s Flight Experiments v0.0.002


C.C.M. Fred’s Flight Experiments v0.0.002

C.C.M. Presents Fred’s Flight Experiments. Let me start off With this mod is completely useless other than for some screenshots, and possible laughs. its more or less scenery that moves. Now with that said, The flight experiments are just that. 3 different models that can “fly”(and i use that term loosely) in the world of snowrunner. a plane, a heli, and a saucer. all 3 came from cgtrader in the free section. the plane wears the textures that came with it and the other two wear textures by me(and they are simple, i didnt see the point of going crazy with it tbh) must use dev tools to effectively get anywhere as they take damage like crazy and you need to hit the repair refuel button after “take off” most times. to take off with the saucer just hit the gas and change the suspension mode. with the heli you can install the active and do the same or just play with forward reverse until it lifts off, if you can find a little bump to aim at it helps.. the plane barely flies. its more for a trailer for decoration..

Thanks for checking it out. hope you had fun with this “proof of concept”,

im releasing this mod “as-is”. i cant seem to make it do what it needs to to be anything use full, so if anyone is interested in advancing this work further feel free to get in touch with me.

And id like to finish again with this mod is completely useless except for laughs and screenshots and a plane on a trailer maybe. so if you rage over this mod, you cant say you werent warned before hand.

thank you to everyone that helps me out with this stuff in everyway that ya’ll do.

As with all my mods dont take and reupload them. everything i use is easily available online. get them and learn to mod if you want to mod.

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