KrAZ-7140H6 Truck v28.03.20 Mod

Mudrunner Trucks

KrAZ-7140H6 Truck v28.03.20 Mod

The KrAZ-7140N6 off-road vehicle chassis is designed for installation of industrial installations and technological equipment and operation on roads of all categories and off-road.

The mod is based on the car of Sergey Belosludtsev. Removed all addons. He left only the autonomy and the trailer of Dusk, for which he had a huge respect.

Carries 4 + 4. Patency is not increased much, the fourth axis is rotary and not connected, as it should be. There is no default.

Two types of trucks are in fashion: with a constant differential lock (light green) and a disconnectable (light brown).
Differences in color and TTX settings.

– 6 of its + 1 standard add-on;
– various animations;
– their goods.

Thanks to JUNKIE for the extra tank.
Thanks to IronAge_35Rus for the container provided.

Version 28.03.20 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19):
Removed the trailer container (buggy),
Now in the container 4 garage points, instead of 2.
Edits TTX.

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