Series MAZ-500 Truck v09.06.18 MudRunner

Mudrunner Trucks

Series MAZ-500 Truck v09.06.18 MudRunner

Friends! I am glad to present to you a pack of trucks MAZ 500 series for SpinTires: Mudrunner. Pak was very popular in the old version of the game, and finally it is ready to update it for the new version. True update it is difficult to call, because. almost everything was done anew: almost entirely new models, new textures for them, new settings and animation. And, of course, all the new features of Mudrunner. Enjoy!

At the moment the package includes the following cars:
MAZ-504V is a truck tractor with a 4×2 wheel arrangement, a short base and a powerful YaMZ-238 engine. The car is pre-installed with a fifth wheel coupling. The machine has a wide range of own semi-trailers: 3 trailers on the chassis MAZ-5205 and an experimental semi-trailer-tank on the chassis MAZ-5215. In addition, the tractor is compatible with semitrailers MAZ-5232B and NAMI-790 from MAZ-200 (if available in subscriptions) and default semi-trailers. Of add-ons, only a spare tire is available. Allows you to carry 3/4 points of logs, fuel, repair parts and garage parts. Passage – low, especially in an unloaded state. Driving on the 504th on the SpinTires roads is a real hardcore for experienced drivers.

MAZ-509A is a log truck, developed by the MAZ plant in 1966 (509P) and replaced by the outdated MAZ-501. The modification of the 509A went to the series in 1977. Wheel formula 4×4, engine YMZ-236. There is a logging platform installed in advance and three types of dissolution are available: long folding, long guided (on ropes) and short controlled (on ropes). From addons – add. tank, reserve on the frame and reserve for the cabin. Allows you to carry 4/6 points of logs. Can cling default trailers. Excellent cross-country ability.

MAZ-515B – truck tractor with a wheel arrangement 6×4 and engine YAMZ-238. In the fashion this truck is a collective image of the models 514/515/516, due to which it has the widest functional. From the add-ons are available: coupling and semitrailers MAZ-5205 and MAZ-941, the onboard platform, timber platform with a crane (default), tank, awning, container, service on-board platform. Also addons are available: the reserve for the cab, the reserve for the frame and the add. tank. Passage is average. In addition, for this truck is available a set of trailers on the chassis MAZ-8926: an on-board trailer for the transportation of logs, a repair trailer, a garage trailer and a tank trailer on the chassis MAZ-8925.

Pak is planned to be expanded by one / two trucks (dumper and, possibly, a crane).

I want to express my gratitude to the author of Kirykha for his MAZ-504 mod for FS2013. it was with his model that I started working on a pack of 500 MAZs, still in the old version of the game. And even in this version you can find some of its elements. Thanks to the team “So come down” for constructive criticism, useful advice and ideas. Special thanks to Psix19Rus for the 3D model of the trailer chassis MAZ-8926, used to create the trailers of this pack. And thank you, dear players, because, if not for the huge popularity of the previous version of the pack, I would not have undertaken such a serious revision.

Have a good game!

Version 09.06.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):

Friends! I am glad to present an update of the MAZ-500 package.
The basis of the upgrade is the pack of original trailers on the chassis MAZ-8926. Board trailer for 3 points of logs, tilted trailer for 2 points of garage, repair trailer (fuel and spare parts) and trailer-tanker on the chassis MAZ-8925. The package uses a 3D model of MAZ-8926 chassis from Psix19Rus.

Changes throughout the pack:
1. The tractor MAZ-504V registered default trailers
2. The engine power at MAZ-509A is slightly increased, because in version “A” the forced version of YaMZ-236

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