Azov 73210 Crane and Suspension improvements 1.0.0 Mod


Azov 73210 Crane and Suspension improvements 1.0.0 Mod

This is just a simple XML mod.
Adds US small and big cranes.
Moves RU small crane to the rear.
Adds a raised and stronger suspension option.
Adds mild strength increase to stock front suspension.

The RU small crane is moved to the front if used with a low or high saddle.

Exists alongside the stock Azov 73210 in the store. This version lacks the seismic vibrator compatibility icon in the store.

Known issues:
The US small crane and flat bed/walled bed in combination with he RU small crane clips with the spare wheel addon. Simply avoid using the spare wheel addon with the mentioned combinations.

There are no paint options available, this will be fixed.

Q: Can this mod be installed manually?
A: I don’t know and I have not tried. Attempt at your own risk.

A: Until subscribed mods work in COOP se answer for manual install above. All players in the COOP session needs to have the mod installed.

Q: Why is the RU small crane at the rear?
A: So it can reach a trailer.

Q: Why is the US small crane not at the rear?
A: It does not fit, the left anchor leg clips the wheel.

Q: Can this mod overwrite the stock Azov 73210 instead instead of existing alongside it in the store?
A: No, the subscribe function does not allow it.

Q: Is this compatible with another Azov 73210 mod?
A: Yes, and no. They will exists as separate trucks in the truck store.

More pictures.
Fix paint options.

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