C.C.M. T-95 Truggy v1.3


C.C.M. T-95 Truggy v1.3

C.C.M. is Very proud to present T-95 “Truggy”. The T-95 was put together around 2012 as for fred to use in a private event. After winning said event The truck wouldnt sell so the only reasonable thing to do was to continue to beat it in the woods. featuring 4 link kits in the front and rear , frame was bobbed in the back by more than a foot, axles were also moved forward 2 inches in the front and 11 inches in the rear. and an exo-cage/bed combination was made. long travel pneumatic shocks are on all 4 corners.

Body started from sketchup. as with the axles and links and shocks.

BUGS. only one the ****** steering wheel bug bit it on the second import(hell if I know why?, the only change was axle bone location on the z. soooo ???) anyways because of that there is no driver or steering wheel animation.

Huge thank you to all who help me and all who use my mods.

Will this come to console??? I think so. i see no reason why it cant anyways

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. take and re-upload anything ive built as your own, its just not cool. if interested in using any assets ive made personally. i.e. rollbars. toolbox. bumper. cage. blah blah just ask.

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