Default transport + physics v03.07.21

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Default transport + physics v03.07.21

This mod changes:
– radiator grilles for original
– physics of car movement
– physics of mud and water
– graphical game settings
– adds new addons for default vehicles + semi-trailers / trailers
– adds additional trucks (optional)

Graphics :
– The graphics mod is based on the first graphics releases from Adega, but has been reconfigured. The nights are not so dark. Most
a simple option to make it both easy and more interesting than the default.

Physics of Mud and Water:
– based on what may be on the maps, the mud and water have less resistance to movement, and a little higher

Transport physics:
– reconfigured all default transport, incl. all DLC
– added repainting of default cars
– readjustment of light, incl. parking lights and their light on the ground, so that there is no flicker on the ground and on the car itself
– the centers of gravity are configured through the editor, the weight of the car according to the performance characteristics
– readjustment of the suspension and steering, frame torsional rigidity
– readjustment of engines and gearboxes, engine torque according to TTX * 2.0 – 2.3, almost like the default
URAL-4320. At the checkpoint on passenger cars, the gear ratios are significantly reduced so that the car does not gain
prohibitive speed, and accordingly less collected damage
– Rewritten tire settings. The tires became stiffer and increased grip, the weight of the tires was changed, depending on the weight of the car and
engine torque
Now by default (suitable for most maps) grip characteristics of all types of tires + 100%
regarding default.
But there are cards on which this is not enough.
Offroad tires have the following settings (can be changed on the desired bus if necessary):
Offroad + 100%
Offroad2 + 130%
Offroad3 + 260%
Offroad4 + 400% relative to default
– added hook points
– reconfigured manipulators in the direction of amplification, and ease of control
– transport, on which there was no suspension by default, now has a suspension – it is normal to use it without it
the technique is not possible, and without the suspension, the traction force is significantly lower. This measure, as an alternative
elasticity of tires in real life.
– trailers have a swivel carriage stopper
– editing the position of the player in the cockpit
– correction of floodability levels – mainly on the glazing of the cabin
– editing the position of the external camera relative to the car
– editing the weight of cargo and add-ons. The logs have a full weight – 8 points weigh 16,000 game kg, etc.
– semi-trailers with log loading had to be made non-detachable – with even distribution of the weight of the logs
between the SSU and the trailer bogie, the load on the SSU exceeds the default value, and when loading and driving
irregularities, the semi-trailer is unhitched.

– setting the centers of gravity and weight of addons through the editor
– added hook points
– added for more add-ons repair and fuel
– a default platform with a manipulator URAL-4320 is registered for transport, and a long dissolution for a long log
– for K-700, by default, the grip has been replaced with a manipulator from k9000 – now it appears on maps with a manipulator by
default. You can change in the garage
– Most trucks now have a ballast body weighing 8 and 10 tons. Can be used if the car
planned to be used as a tractor
Made on the basis of the default garage body 255. It differs from the usual protective colors on the corners of the body.
Carries 200 repairs and 200 fuel.
– there is a cheating addon in the form of a sortimentovka platform (“horns”). Carries all three types of logs – short (4 pieces), medium
(2 pcs.), Long (2 pcs.)
has the maximum loading polygon to the left side. The logs are also thrown off to the left.
Allows you to load at a distance from the manual loading goat, from the ground, or from another car with a thrown off load
Allows you to load another car next to it with a loaded log type.
All types of logs for this add-on have 4 loading points with a weight of 8,000 kg

Additional trailers / semi-trailers:
– trawl-semitrailer ChMZAP-5523 ​​for KrAZ-256, carrying a container for 6 points / 12,000 kg, medium logs
– trawl-semitrailer CHMAZP-9990 for MAZ-537, carries a container for 8 points / 16,000 kg, long logs
– a long-sided semitrailer, carries a load of medium and long logs for 8 points / 16,000 kg. For spacious cards.
– semi-trailer-short log truck medium, carries a load of a short / medium / long log, all loads are 8 points / 16,000 kg.
– a 5-axle short log truck trailer, carries a load of medium and long logs for 8 points / 16,000 kg. For spacious maps,
heavy, gross weight 24,500 kg
– reconfigured all default trailers / semi-trailers

Additional transport:
– Kamaz-6522, from Spintyers, default addons, 2 colors
– Kamaz-4326, 4 options, native addons
– KrAZ-63221, 3 colors, minimum add-ons – garage (repair, fuel), log truck, manipulator, carries 3 and 4 points of cargo. The model has jambs, they do not affect performance
– Ural-432030 long wheelbase, 6 colors, addon at least, carries 3 and 4 points of load, the model has jambs, does not affect performance
– Ural-432040 long wheelbase, 4 colors, – || –
– tent garage trailer, 2 garage points, repair, fuel
– flatbed trailer, carries short logs for 4 points / 8,000 kg
– a short log trailer for 4 points / 8,000 kg, has side loading from the ground / manual goat, throws off the logs
– short log trailer for medium logs for 4 points / 8,000 kg

copy from the archive folder MediaDef, MeshCache, TextureCache to the root of the game, if the game is clean with all DLCs, then you can copy the Config file from the archive, the necessary folders are already additionally registered there. If not, then open this file for editing, and add the lines:

MediaPath Path = “MediaDef”
MediaPath Path = “MediaDOP”
MediaPath DoPrepend = “true” MountPoint = “_ t /” Path = “TextureCache”
MediaPath DoPrepend = “true” MountPoint = “_ m /” Path = “MeshCache”

save file.
Copy the MediaDOP folder at will – there are additional cars and trailers. Copy also to the root of the game.
When uninstalling, delete everything listed above.

The native Media folder for special stages remains unchanged.

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