GAZ-53 Series Truck v13.01.18 MudRunner

Mudrunner Trucks

GAZ-53 Series Truck v13.01.18 MudRunner

Friends! I am glad to present the favorite GAZ-53 in the variant for SpinTires: Mudrunner.

GAZ-53A and GAZ-53N, in the classic, rear-wheel drive, with a weak engine (115 hp). Load-carrying capacity is about 4 tons. The passage of this machine is very limited. Nevertheless, on this machine all default cards were passed, without any help from other trucks. To do this – will have to look for a suitable road, t. I can not get past it.

Model 53H (military version) – differs from the version 53A with the color of the cabin, the front grille, an additional tank instead of HBO, and some small details typical of the 53rd lawn until the 83rd year of release. Option 53A has a coloring, most common in these machines.

The truck has many of its add-ons (15 pieces for Gas-53N and 16 for Gas-53A). Two types of flatbed dump platform (low and high side). There is a small logging platform with a loader for short logs (2 points, its own load). Fuel tank with flasher. Engineering kung (fuel / repair). Awning with garage parts and trailer from Gas-66 (with little adaptation). Reserve / add. tank (Gas-cylinder equipment for version 53A). There is a coupling for semitrailers of trailers GAZ-707: tipper – short logs, 3 points; repair trailer and a fuel tank for 1800 liters. There is also a dissolution + its own platform with conics (medium logs, 3 points), made with a real prototype (for idea and thanks to MAF1O $ O). Another semitrailer is the container carrier T213 (its cargo, short logs, 3 points).

Almost all models were created by me specially for this mod. Textures were also made for new 3D models. Nevertheless, I want to say a big thank you to the creators of the original Gaz-53 fashion: D.Alexandrovich, Du-mont, M.Dmitriev, TruckerStas, Dufata and others. In version 53A, the interior of the cabin is completely preserved from the authors of the original fashion. Model 53H looks more authentic. There is nothing superfluous in the cockpit, a more recent frame and a number of other small details typical of the 53rd to 83 years old. For the sound materials thanks to Dimcore. For 3D models (container truck T213 and semi-trailer-tank), used to create the appropriate add-ons – thanks to Mserqt.

Have a good game!

Version 13.01.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v11.12.17):

Due to the fact that the new game is not yet stable, especially on heavy cards with heavy modes, I decided to make a significant optimization of the pack, significantly reducing its volume. Changes, in the first place, touched the resolution of textures of most of the addons, which was reduced from 2k to 1k. But, given the initially very high quality of texture maps (in places – excessively high) – the operation did not cause any damage to the appearance. I think that very few people will be able to notice the difference. The names of the textures have not changed, so those who wish can save the old textures before updating ???? In addition to optimizing the textures, minor improvements were made for almost all models, and significant ones for the loader.

1. Optimize the volume of the pack, with virtually no loss of quality. (volume is reduced almost 3 times!)
2. Small improvements on the models.
3. Adjustments for addon settings, loading zones, sounds, etc.
4. The model of the loader has been significantly improved. Set up the default management. Using the loader has become much more convenient and effective. Just do not try to load them long logs – it is not calculated for this

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