GWC Wrecker Addon Pack v1.0.0


GWC Wrecker Addon Pack v1.0.0

Welcome to your new job at G.W. Trucking, a private tow company helping out in the Snowrunner-verse any way we can.

This is a “universal” addon pack that is compatible with both vanilla trucks and mod trucks as well. I put universal in quotes because it does not work with ALL trucks. If a truck does not use a socket from the vanilla game that includes a flatbed, then the wreckers will not show up for that truck. So, small scouts (Chevy CK1500 style) and extra large trucks (P16/Boar/Etc) are not supported with this addon pack.

I used the 2 slot flatbed for the two larger wrecker bodies and a mix of 3 different sockets for the smaller wrecker body.

For all modders who want to make sure one of these wreckers shows up in their mod, here is the list of sockets you can use to make these wreckers appear.

Old School Wrecker and Heavy Wrecker use socket “FrameAddon” (which covers the vanilla 2 slot flatbed and 2 slot sideboard.

Light Wrecker uses the follow 3 sockets “FrameAddonFlatbed1” ; “InternationalLoadstar1700Pickup” ; “FrameAddonSideboard1”

So, if you add any one of those sockets into your trucks xml and have this pack installed, these wreckers will show up on your truck.

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