MTZ-82 Series Truck v15.01.18 MudRunner

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MTZ-82 Series Truck v15.01.18 MudRunner

MTZ-82 and MTZ-82.1 tractors of the 1985 model. All-wheel drive versions of the legendary MTZ-80 series with a small and large cabin. The engine is only 81 hp, weight about 3.5 tons. Tractors have excellent cross-country ability. There are two add-ons for transporting the forest (2 points, short logs): trailer 2PTS-4 and a cart with conics, on the same chassis. However, transportation of timber on these tractors is not a simple task, the tractor is light, and the coupling weight may be small in order to haul a heavy trailer.

From the add-ons there is a garage trolley (based on 2PTS-4), two types of loaders: front, PKU-5-19, and rear loading crane. For both versions of the tractor, a front blade is available, which can be used for clearing roads and loading areas from stones and branches. It is possible to install two variants of rear mechanization: one is animated and has a lifting mechanism, the second – with the hydraulics and the trailer coupling off. All models have rich animation and look great.

Almost all 3D models I created specifically for these tractors. Textures were also rendered again, under new models. Nevertheless, I want to say a big thank you to D.Alexandrovich, N. Kutsapalov, vorkir and others, since. it all started with their excellent fashion, made back in 2014, some of which can still be found in the cabs of my tractors ????

I draw your attention to the fact that trailers from these tractors will be available on my GAZ-53 while installing two mods.

Have a good game!

Version 15.01.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v11.12.17):

Friends! Based on the results of the first testing, your responses and your own reasons arose an update, which included the following improvements:
1. A new tank. When porting, I cut out the old one. I did not like it at all. I modeled something more decent.
2. The rear loader model has been slightly modified. Extended gripping (for new short, but thick logs). Slightly adjusted control. However, management is still not the most convenient. I fixed the stable work on the default buttons and did not succeed ???? But it became better, in my opinion
3. The size of the capture was slightly increased on the PCU
4. The position and the model of the cargo in the trailer 2PTS are corrected Now the trailer behaves more stable and the load does not peeps through the board.
5. Improved the setup hitch.
6. The optimization of the resolution of textures.

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