MudRunner MP Mod Loader v0.1 MudRunner

MudRunner MP Mod Loader v0.1 MudRunner

The batch file, made for convenience, so as not to permanently transfer files from the folder to the folder, if you wanted to play with the mods in multiplayer.

Principle of operation:
1. Before starting the game, all files from the media folders and texturecache are moved to temporary folders
2. The game starts , the script waits 10 seconds to load it successfully.
3. Next, the script continues to work and moves all the files from temporary folders back to work

backups of all their mods!

Installation and use: .bat file to throw in the root folder of the game and run entirely from it, you can
create a separate label and select an icon from the .exe file of the game

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What is Snowrunner / Mudrunner mods?

Snowrunner mods / Mudrunner Mods are like a boost for game players. But the problem is that not everyone knows what these mods are for. If you’re one of them too, don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Snowrunner mods are like tools to change or to upgrade the game however you want. If some colors, sounds or textures are bothering you, you can simply change them. If you want more trucks, maps or other vehicles – you can easily implement them. And all can be done just by using mods for Snowrunner. Want to hear some more great news? All the Snowrunner / Mudrunner mods are completely free. Most probably you’ve already understood how beneficiary these Snowrunner mods PC can be. So don’t waste your lifetime opportunity to do whatever you want with Snowrunner / Mudrunner game and download all the mods you want now. You’ve deserved to feel the real pleasure of gaming.

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