Onicarro Pequenbus v1.0.0


Onicarro Pequenbus v1.0.0

This bus is my first attempt at SnowRunner modding. It’s certainly far from perfect, but it’s finally in a state where I feel it’s ready for release. Admittedly, it doesn’t have as many addons as I would like, and there are still some bugs (see below). Sadly, there were around a half dozen addons that had to be scrapped due to, as the saying goes, SnowRunner was doing SnowRunner things and it froze the vehicle in place.

I hope to update this in the future, but, if I’m being realistic, that won’t happen, save for bug fixes. For now, I think I’ll embrace it’s imperfection and perhaps return to it in the future.

This bus, while fictional, is based off the Busscar Micruss, and shares as many real life specifications as I could find on the Brazilian internet.

No region lock
2 engines based off real life specifications
4 transmissions based off real life specifications
Several addons

Bugs and imperfections:
Snow textures are… far from great, but they won’t melt your eyes
Interior is low quality, and it’ll be staying that way, unless I feel like modeling one anytime soon (highly unlikely)
Suspension is low quality
Front axle can, at times, pierce the wheels
Although rare, the front axle can appear to detach from the body

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