Orientation 2 Map v1.0

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Orientation 2 Map v1.0

The map is a small area of ​​forest with water bodies and small swamps. The lack of roads gives you the right to drive wherever you want. Purpose of the map: find 4 carts of cargo and deliver them to the start, i.e. sawmills. 3 SUVs are available to you, you can replace them with your own, the main thing is that they can hook on the default carts. There are also two auxiliary vehicles on the map, I advise you to take care and open them. If you want to test your intuition, then the map is for you, because there is no mini-map.

If you have played a game like Four Wheel Drive, then you should remember the “Orientation” competition, this is an analogue, only instead of the points of the cart. The map is made in 4 versions, the only difference is in the number of sawmills: 1, 2, 3, 4. The number of saws depends on the number of players. Don’t mix up the options. Sorry, the mini-map is taken from the editor. I doubt that many people will go to this option, but still, in fact, I did more for myself.

There is no need to choose the option where there are a lot of files, because the carts give exactly 8 points, no more. As always, good luck!

– Size: 600×600;
– Sawmills: from 1 to 4 (depends on the number of players and the option chosen);
– Gas stations: 1;
– Transport at the start: 3;
– Transport on the map: 2.

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