Proper dirt v2 MudRunner

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Proper dirt v2 MudRunner

Approaches the behavior of dirt in the game to reality.

Now if you run into the mud at full speed, the mud splashes the car, when you skid and drive through the dirt on a high gear, too, but to a lesser extent, well, etc. depending on the selected speed mode.
The mud sprays and their physics are made more realistic, ridiculous lumps on wheels (for which thanks to Soul Reaver) and dry little hard lumps flying out from under the wheels, only the slush is left, its intensity is increased for transfers of 1+ and higher.
Pollution on machines now have a volume, which also adds realism.

I recommend to use with the following additions, it will strongly emphasize the visual effects of the new dirt:
Improving SweetFX graphics
Always sun + Fog Reduction + Blue Sky
Removing graphics noise

To work in multiplayer:
Do not install SweetFX. Use SpinTiresMod.exe with disabled checking of the original files in the game.
P.S. Many thanks for the help to Alexander Oboskalov.

In case you do not like it, copy the Media files, MeshCache, TextureCache files and save them in a separate folder.
From the downloaded archive copy files to the archives of the game, agreeing to replace.
In any incomprehensible situation, we clean the cache.

Version 2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):

– visually processed dirt;
– Increased intensity;
– added scraps;
– The scraps do not disappear right away.

Ivan Kuznetsov
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