Something 1 by US 8X8 Truck Mod

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Something 1 by US 8X8 Truck Mod

Since SnowRunner is coming out soon, and Back and Mood are of little interest to me, I decided to post some of my mods / homemade products. Maybe someone will come in handy!

First on the list:
We have 8X8, made by me from this mod.
Posted by Artyom Mohir (Darius)

The main alteration is the removal of the active semi-trailer. Of the add-ons, only the body, I took it from FURKAT (and where he got it, this should be asked. Presumably, the original author of the body: PRAPOR-ANTON (Anton Pershin), but this is not accurate). Well, a couple of default add-ons.

You can finish / remodel / improve, if there are jambs – I’m sorry, modding has been abandoned for a long time, because I’m tired. If possible, I will add the remaining homemade products.

Soul Reaver
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What is Snowrunner / Mudrunner mods?

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