SpinTiresMod.exe v1.10.5 for MudRunner v14.08.19

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SpinTiresMod.exe v1.10.5 for MudRunner v14.08.19

– Mod manager, the ability to disable / enable signed workshop mods.
– New mod support system. Ability to connect additional language files. Mod localization system in the workshop.
– Support for tracked vehicles.
– Increased size of the physical world – allows you to play on maps larger than 1x1km.
– Made scrolling when selecting a map.
– You can disable file scanning.
– Synchronization of light cars in multiplayer.

– Supported version: Spintires Mudrunner – Editor Beta version 23.01.19.
– Removed restrictions on the size of the map when creating a new one. But at the moment there are bugs with large sizes, including possible errors with insufficient memory.
– Improved calculation of heights (you can make steeper slopes).
– Some interface improvements (no error message is displayed (writes only in the log), etc.)
– Launching the mod editor as usual through Steam, or through the modified SpinTiresEditorMod.exe, it has patched the ability to allocate more than 2GB of memory to the application.

Full support for Spintires on 03/03/16 is discontinued (this only means that a full check is not done after the changes), but everything can still work.

Installing SpintiresMod:
– You can install the mod in any folder, except for the folder of the game / editor itself.
– To connect the mod, specify the folder of the installed game / editor in the settings (for example “C: Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / MudRunner”).
– If you have problems copying mod files, run the launcher with administrator rights or manually copy files from the Install folder, at least d3d9.dll.
– The game starts as usual from Steam, the “start” button in the launcher is not necessary to use.
– Mod settings are located in the settings menu of the game itself. In multiplayer add. features (winch, developer tools, spawn locators, etc.) are enabled only if the game server has allowed them to be used.

For a description of the localization of mods in the workshop and not only see the previous updates.

For details, see Readme.ru.txt in the Help folder.
For all questions of setting / installation, contact the messages of the VK SPINTIRES HARDCORE group.

You can play cards with extra. objects, but crashes and bugs are possible.

Free camera activation in the game:
1) press the Alt + C or F9 key combination (works to enable and disable);
2) switch cameras: 2 – back, 3 – down, 4 – left, 6 – right, 8 – forward, 9 – up;
3) hold down 0 (while moving the mouse) – increase the speed of moving the camera away;
4) hold down 1 (while moving the mouse) – decrease the speed of moving the camera away;
5) hold down the RMB (while the cursor on the screen in the game should be active) and you can rotate the camera in different directions.
Keys 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 – press on the numeric part of the keyboard (on the Num Lock layout).

Installation on Windows 10:
Having problems installing SpinTiresMod.exe on Windows 10 is mainly due to the lack of DirectX 9 libraries.
Here’s the solution: To install the old set of APIs, you need to enable the DirectPlay component – it’s in the control panel. We need to open it. We go into the search and write: “Control Panel”. Find and run the uninstall utility in the panel:
In the window that opens, click on “Turn Windows components on or off” (located in the left menu):
In the window that opens, look for the line “Legacy Components”, set the “birdie” opposite it, open the branch and also put the “birdie” in front of DirectPlay. Click “OK” and install DirectX 9.

Version 1.10.5 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19):
Fixed game bug with workshop mod ID. New mods with IDs greater than the maximum Integer (2147483647) were not selected in multiplayer.
Added the option to enable the display of all maps when selecting a map in multiplayer (highlighted in red in the screenshot).

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