Stuker 2 Map v1 MudRunner

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Stuker 2 Map v1 MudRunner

You – a mother lumberjack, at your disposal there was only one car left for your debts on wages from the old enterprise. They cut you from there, and you need to feed the family. There is no work around and you have nothing left to do but steal. And here and lucky. Your former boss flew away to the Maldives to warm his own skin. And then I remember that there were comrades in the old fleet. They will help you with the auto equipment and the places of sale of the forest, which you decided to lock up with the former boss.

Take your gang or yourself alone. And drive the firebox and rem. part to the logging area. But, since everything needs to be done quickly, it is necessary to cut the wood through the fence, so to speak, not through the front door. Restore the skidder and the automaton to finish everything before the return of your favorite bosses. May God help you thieves!

On the map:
3 -sas
8 – sawmills
1 – loading point + 1 – randomly the goat.
1 – slot at the start and more than 6 cars on the map.
1 – hidden garage location.
Size: 1024 by 1024 meters.

My advice: replace the Oise change only on the car, suitable for exploration, since more this slot is not useful.

Mikhail Romanov
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