Summer Graphics Remastered v1.2.7 Mod

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Summer Graphics Remastered v1.2.7 Mod

The modification was configured under SweetFX 1.3 By limon.

Remember that SweetFX may conflict with the editor (for those who use it), and mods that change the sky (lighting) – with multiplayer.
So if you don’t want to risk multiplayer in advance, use only textures from the downloaded archive.

I repeat: if you need multiplayer, you can only afford the basic texture pack.

Summer Graphics Remastered Features:
– Removed grain (Film Grain);
– Removed card stoppers (red signs);
– Now it’s always summer;
– HD textures;
– New textures of the compass, dashboard, driver, cable, earth, roads and vegetation;
– Original grilles for stock equipment;
– Particular emphasis is placed on the most imperceptible loading of Lods, the exception in this regard is made only for coniferous trees;
– HD texture logs own authorship;
– Added a new plant.

Screenshots and video review are made using the above modifications.

1. We make a full backup in order to be able to get everything back in place if you don’t like something;
2. Unpack the archive and replace the files in the appropriate .zip directories (who uses the unpacked modified folders will guess where to put the files in this case;
3. Run the file “Clear cache (without resetting the game) .bat”

Note: the following works were used during assembly:
1. Texture “Summer” version 1.0 for MudRunner
2. “Realism HD 2017 version 2.0” for SpinTires
3. Mod “Rainy weather” for SpinTires
4. Textures “Juicy Summer” version 2 for SpinTires
5. Original MudRunner files and several separate texture modifications of the compass, cable, and driver.

PS: I thank all the authors whose work I had to use in the process of creating this mod and I apologize for changing your textures, I did for myself, but I decided to share it with those who wish, I hope you do not mind.

Version 1.2.7 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 10/18):
– Adaptation for the version of the simulator 10/18/18, including DLC;
– Added its own lighting settings for SweetFX 1.3 By limon;
– Added files of the Russian translation of the names of stock cars of domestic production + New UAZ 225 version 3.2, Yamal, GAZ-53 and MTZ-82 (who are installed) with all addons.
– Added / updated textures.

Oleg Kondratov (condros)
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