Vicinity of base X21 Map v1.2

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Vicinity of base X21 Map v1.2

Good day to all MudRunner players! I give, now to your judgment, my own converted map from the SpinTires game “Vicinity of X-21 base”. The card is peculiar, it does not belong to the category “Simple for half an hour” or “Relaxation”. Consider your preferences and decide to download or not download.

Not suitable for fans of huge monster-like cars, but rather the opposite for “small and remote”, but with good maneuverability, something like the Tatra-805 and the like, available in your garage. At the start there are four cars, all replaceable for yours. But keep in mind that the garage trolley (similar to the GAZ-66) is not taken by every mod, but these are the ones on the map. You will have to drive up and hook the trolley through the view from the cab. You can get to them by cars that do not exceed the standard ZIL-130, this is a considerable fact that you need to take into account when choosing your cars.

Otherwise, you will have to carry the 130th placed on the map on a “tie”. In addition, not all unloading points will allow mods with the dimensions of Kamaz and more to drive up. The place of loading, the cave of “Black Lumberjacks” also has restrictions not only in terms of area, but also in height. But, depending on your attentiveness, in the process of exploring the area and the preparedness of your car, you may not need this cave. But if you still resort to loading in a cave, then loading and securing the load will have to switch from appearance to view in the cockpit there (I suggest recalling the sometimes forgotten functions from the game developer).

Personal request: do not evaluate the map without at least reconnaissance of the area.

Now on the map:
– Map size: 1×1 km;
– 4 cars at the start (all replaceable for yours);
– Several cars and auxiliary trailers are placed on the map;
– 1 garage (closed);
– 2 gas stations (one false);
– 1 auto loading;
– 1 manual loading;
– 6 points of unloading (they cannot be called sawmills);
– 6 points of exploration (not hard to reach).

A slight hint of the plot:
The beginning of the heating season, the local administration “flapped” the process of preparing for the winter, and the nearest military unit somehow and at some point disappeared all the repair parts, and the equipment capable of this kind of work is in a deplorable state. Although you have signed up to help, no one is willing to allow you to access the reserves of fuel resources. It is better for those leading investigative measures to search for the loss not to be seen. They want to receive bonuses for the search for the loss too!

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my deep human thanks to SERJ.46 for assistance in converting the map.

That’s all, fun and not boring pokatushki! And those who want to thank the author – write comments!

Version 1.2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v25.02.21):
– Removed billboards folder negatively affecting non multiplayer.

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