WS 6900 XD SE “Pimpsteer” 1.0.0 Mod


WS 6900 XD SE “Pimpsteer” 1.0.0 Mod

All about chrome, smoke and lights, here comes the “Pimpsteer” !
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I brought those changes to the WS 6900 XD :
-Emil’s sideboards remplace the stock flatbed to allow 3slots + semitrailer without clipping problems.
-AWD on/off.
-Improved steering + rearsteer.
-Added all saddles and bumperpull trailers.
-Added semitrailer tongue lifter to pull trailers back on saddle.
-Added beefed US big crane.
-Added window meshes.
-Added visors. (In multiple positions)
-Added lights. (+ Beacons)
-Custom paints. (American flag colors)
-Added gabarites.
-Custom snorkel behind the cab.
-Custom sparewheel with flatbed supplies + custom wheel rack.
-Added loadstar body config.
-Added towing plate.
-Added wheels. (Custom MSH3 up to 60″, Tuz up to 63″ and smaller 50″ options)
-Added bumpers. (With double bumpers config)
-Added exhausts. (With double exhausts config)
-Custom engine.
-Custom gearbox.
-Custom suspension.
-Custom winch + winch points.

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