YaAZ / EO-3323 Pack v2.0 MudRunner

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YaAZ / EO-3323 Pack v2.0 MudRunner

Composition: EO-3323, Kraz-256 dump truck, Yaaz-214 ballast tractor, Yaaz-214 chassis.

EO-3323 carried out the overhaul, problems with the control of the installation were lost. Has 1 of its addon.

Kraz-256 dumper is equipped with a tipper with side unloading y-32 (2 of its add-ons + 4 standard). Has 2 loads of 3 and 6 points. Suitable for the transport of dynamic loads, the body device allows you to dump loads of any height.

Yaaz-214 ballast tractor. It is intended for transportation of special machinery to the place of work. Included trawl adapted for EO-3323 and quite playable. Removed half of the wheels, replaced the trolley, the model did not turn out factory, but on the Internet I encountered similar alterations in the real world. Also, the trawl has its own load. If you do not want to drive it empty, then you can load logs 4 points.
There are 11 of their add-ons + 4 standard. Capacity for fuel, diesel power station, barrels and boxes with the possibility of combining. There is also a ballast block weighing 6 tons. He does not play a special role in the game, but if you drag the trawl with EO-3323, then the difference with him and without it is noticeable in mud and on the heights.

Yaaz-214 chassis. I thought of it as a truck tractor, but later it was made as a chassis on request.
10 of their addons + 4 standard. Koniki under 3 points, a trailer with conics under 3 points, a coupler, a semitrailer sortimentovoz under 4 points and a semitrailer sortimentovoz under 6 points. Another side semi-trailer with openable sides. It was created to transport dynamic loads, but to fit it into the game, there is a cargo of 4 points, a fuel tank and a wagon that can be taken to the sawing and handed over for 4 points or used as a container for fuel and repair parts.

That’s all for now. The mod will be modified. Over time, add addons and the technology itself.
If errors are found, write – I will correct it.

Version 2.0 (02.04.18) for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18 / 06.03.18 beta):

Took note of the constructive criticism and in this update I tried to implement everything.
ЯАЗ-214 Installed native engine Yaaz-406 with an exhaust system. Lengthened the frame, adjusted the power and gear ratios, added the Addons-Platform timber log with a long dissolution and cargo whips 7 points 14 tons. Just in the spirit of that time. A short timber carrier platform with dissolution, load-4 points. Now the semitrailer Maz takes the cargo 5 points 10 tons. Long semi-trailer 6 points 12 tons. Has added an onboard platform. It can ship almost everything that a ballast tractor carries, and also it can be used for transportation of a forest, two types of cargoes 1 and 2 points. I changed the sounds. Some of the sounds were used by the author Sergei Pasichnik. Added spare parts. Replaced the mirror with the racks at home. Well, like with that all.
Truck tractor Kraz-258. Appearance is required demidovyuriy. The car is not particularly in demand in the game, but it will be useful for the plot of the map, as well as the Kraz-256 dump truck with side unloading of the y-32.
All cargoes tried to make separate, that the player could combine and leave the necessary free space. This is necessary for passing cards like the head of the base, where dynamic loads are used.
It seems to be all. If you notice errors or inaccuracies, I will write to correct.

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